Camelot Pewter Chess Set | Solid Pewter Chess Pieces

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What makes this chess set unique?

Camelot Themed Chess Set

What a truly beautiful sight to behold in this Stunning Camelot Solid Pewter Chessmen Chess Set! These Arthurian chess pieces are accented by golden and grey brass highlights. 

The chess board handsomely complements the solid pewter Camelot chessmen. It is a large thick chess board crafted of briar wood and inlaid with grey and ivory veneer briar wood squares.

This Camelot themed chess set is a treasured luxury and makes a personal statement about anyone who owns it! Ital Fama of Italy knows what they are doing in creating numerous luxury chess sets like this awesome one!

What are the dimensions?

Chess Board Dimensions: 17.3” x 17.3” x 0.5”.   Board Square Size: 2".   Chess King Size: 3.75”.  King Base Width: 1.5”.

What the heck is the king base width? It is the diameter of the base of the king (the bottom of the king piece). This measurement is important when selecting the right chess board square size for the chess pieces that will be playing on it.

What are some of the unique selling features of this product?

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Why All The Fuss About Camelot?

Camelot has long been associated with the interpretations of the Arthurian legend; Camelot cannot be mentioned without conjuring up the image of the famed castle.

An early novel by Mark Twain took place in Camelot; later versions never really pin down a location but paint it as a romantic vision of The Middle Ages.

Whenever there is a reference to a romantic notion or relationship often the term Camelot is used, such was the case of John and Jackie Kennedy.

The chess set wood explained:

Briar wood defined: This type of wood is from the hard woody root of the briar Erica arborea; often used in making tobacco pipes.

Who is italfama?

ITALFAMA was founded in 1976 for over 40 years they have been a leading global manufacturer of artistic and professional chess pieces and chess boards.