Chess Board Pieces

Chess Board Pieces

Large Selection Of Chess Pieces

The chess piece is the main attraction of a chess game experience.

Ideally it would be nice if they have felted bottoms, are appealing to look at and they don’t fall apart easily.

If you invest in a decent board and chessmen at the outset you will have one that will last a long time.

The wooden chess pieces

These are some popular woods used for designing chess board pieces but certainly not all!

Maple is commonly used and the American maples differ somewhat from the European maples because the coloring is a slight reddish hue, often pink. The most widely used maple is the hard maple Acer saccharum also known as the Sugar Maple, where Maple Syrup comes from.

Walnut is also popular and its heartwood may vary in color but it usually has a grayish-brown background featuring irregular dark streaks. The grain is mostly straight, but may sometimes be wavy. Polishing and staining qualities are excellent for this wood.

Another very popular wood for chess boards is Mahogany; the heartwood will vary from light to deep brown. The grain is may be interlocking, often irregular in direction, and may feature some wild design.

These are three popular woods used for chessmen design but there are many more that come very every corner of our planet giving us the opportunity to select some amazing boards!

Other materials used to build chessmen

The most common material used when building a set of chessmen is wood and other than the ones mentioned above there are a host of other woods that are used.

However chessmen are also made from other materials as well, metal, plastic, glass and the list goes on. So whatever your preference is there is sure to be a set that will satisfy your need.