Chess Game Boards

Chess Game Boards

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When it is time to select a chess game board one of the most important dimension is the squares.

They need to accommodate the chess pieces without hanging over the edges or being too small.

The square size is far more important than the overall size of the board and will usually end up determining the size based on the square dimension.

High End Chess Boards

The more exotic wood chess boards are not only great to play on but they are also great for a game room or office décor.

Low Cost Or Standard Type Board

Most chess sets offer a standard board that usually complements the chess pieces and helps keep the cost of an entire set manageable.

Confused about which board you should invest in? Depending on whether you already have the chess pieces will determine the criteria for selecting the right size chess board.

To learn more about chess board size browse this information, it will help you decide which chess game board would suit your needs.

Chess Boards That Offer Chess Piece Storage

There are several advantages to having a chess board that also offers storage, if you prefer to not display your chess pieces (could be your cat) for whatever reason storage is ideal.

Another benefit is if you play away from your home and like to take your chess set with you it is self contained.

Unusual Boards

If you prefer something unique there are marble, glass, metal and an assortment of other materials that boards are designed with, including 3D models.