Chess Sets

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The room is very quiet you are having a stare down with a board that consists of 64 squares, 32 are your color and the other 32 are your opponents color.

You have 16 men on the board and across from you the opposing Army has 16 as well, this is a battle to checkmate.

Chess Players

Chess is a game like a battle can be over in a heartbeat or go on for several hours depending on the skill set of the players involved. It has been played by nobles and commoners in the park.

This amazing board game has stood the test of time and is showing no signs of loosing fan base.

Chess Strategy

There are numerous opening moves, strategies and everyone has their favorite, but none guarantee victory if you are facing a worthy opponent.

There is no age limit; chess is a game that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

When it comes to strategy in chess the moves that you have to master (or at least try) are the opening moves, the middle game and the end game.

Master those and you could be the next Grandmaster of chess.

The beauty of the chess piece

The chess sets themselves can be a work of art and can fit handsomely in a home office, game room or study.

There are countless themes, styles and different materials that the chessmen and boards are constructed from.

It is your move.

These theme chess sets represent some period in history, a fantasy or story-line that is current or from our past, as well as different times in our history that may have involved some type of conflict. The theme chess player can escape into their fantasy all the while enjoying this amazing board game. There are numerous themes that cover ancient history, modern times and of course the ever popular fantasy theme. For a larger selection beyond these browse our theme chess sets.

Not everyone’s definition of luxury may be the same however; most chess players will recognize a high quality luxury theme chess set at first glance. There are chess players that demand a higher quality when it comes to their chess pieces as well as the chess board they play on. Browse this page to view a much larger selection of luxury chess sets.

These tournament chess sets are designed specifically for the tournament player; most of these sets will meet the standard of the Chess Federation. There are literally thousands of chess clubs all over the world that enjoy tournament play as well as following the chess greats. Browse this page for a full line of tournament chess sets.


If you are looking for an ideal way to improve your chess skill and don’t always have quick access to another chess player, then the electronic chess board is your answer. The electronic chess board never sleeps and is always ready to put your chess skills to the test.

Buying A Chess Set Online

If this is your first time buying a chess set online you may want to browse this article for some tips and insights that may save you time and money.

Not all chess sets are created equal and just because a chess set is expensive doesn’t mean it will be a great fit for you.

The most important element when purchasing a chess set is getting exactly what you are looking for, a board game that you will enjoy playing on for many years.

Just for fun how to achieve checkmate in 2 moves!