Civil War Themed Chess Pieces

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What makes this chess set unique?

Civil War with Generals as Queens - Painted Resin (polystone) chess pieces.

Chess board not included - We recommend a chess board with 1.5” squares.

What is Polystone?

Polystone is a polyurethane resin combined with powdered stone additives that give your chess pieces a stone statue look. It feels like stone so it is popular for chess pieces because of the feel and cost less than real stone.

What are the dimensions?

Chess King Size: 3.25”. King Base Diameter: 1”.

Who is this chess set for?

This set is for the player who wants recreate a time in history, fantasize about a make believe land or storm a medieval castle, you can do all this and more while playing chess with themed chess sets.

What are some of the unique selling features?

We can ship this product internationally just provide a complete address at our contact us page. Be sure to mention the product SKU that is below the product price.