Civil War Themed Chess Sets

Civil War Themed Chess Set

Chess sets with a Civil War theme

The American Civil War, commonly referred to as the Civil War in the states was fought from 1861 to 1865 for the independence of the Confederacy.

The Confederacy, commonly referred to as the South, eventually grow to eleven states, the states that remained loyal and did not declare secession were known as the Union or the North.

Weird Facts About The Civil War Era

Presented below are weird but true facts that took place during the Civil War era, some are rather amusing while others are just bizarre like the acorn device story! 

The Unique Situation Of The Bunker Brothers. 

Chang and Eng Bunker were referred to as “the original Siamese Twins.” They were from Siam (which is now modern Thailand) and were joined at the sternum; they were a popular attraction with traveling museum exhibitions at the time.

In 1865, Union General George Stoneman attacked North Carolina and wanted to draft some of the local men, regardless of their situation; the names of men over 18 were put into a lottery wheel.  

Chance would have it that Eng’s name was drawn, but he was against the draft. Since Chang’s name was not drawn, General Stoneman could do nothing; the Bunker brothers were not only joined at the sternum, but their livers were fused together as well. Neither one would serve in the war, but their eldest sons both enlisted and fought for the Confederacy.

The Most Bizarre Hiding Place For Secret Messages!

In 2009, a woman walked into the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia, with an acorn-shaped object in her hand. It was made of brass and had no markings or inscriptions.

She said that according to her family legend, one of her ancestors, a Confederate soldier, used the acorn to smuggle secret messages by hiding it in his posterior until he reached his destination.