Curses! Of the Vampire - Party Board Game

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Make a player become a crazy vampire or a hapless villager with their voice! If they slip up, ring the bell and you are one step closer to winning the game! Of The Vampire board game is a fang-tastic laugh-out-loud party game. It's just like the Original Curses! -- but this one is with vampires, of course!

The Curses! cards are played on other players and forces them to continually "perform", such as barking like a dog whenever the player to the right reads a card or holds on to the card with both hands at all times. If another player notices someone is not performing their action, the "curse gets broken" and then that card is turned face down in front of that player. In fairy tales, breaking a curse is a good thing, but not in this game! After breaking 3 Curses!, you are eliminated from the game, but still available to have actions performed on (such as "the other people in the room are electrified, so each time you contact one of them you get a big shock").

The last player with a curse remaining wins!

Recommended for 12 yrs and older.

Dimensions: 10" x 8" x 3-1/4"