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Disc Golf Sets | Disc Golf Equipment

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Disc golf has been around since the 1900’s it is also referred to as Frisbee golf but don’t do that because the disc golf equipment is designed specifically for playing disc golf whereas Frisbee golf is played with different types of flying discs.

The game died out until in the 1970’s when it was reintroduced in Canada, however it is debated that the modern version of disc golf was started in the 1960’s.

There were games played across the United States on college campuses and the early game was crude using anything at the park as a target.

The course

Disc golf courses generally consist of 9 or 18 holes, and there may be some that have holes in multiples of three. Holes are designed to require a variety of skill sets; throws are to challenge the players with different strengths or particular skills.

According to the DGA, an average course hole should range around 200-240 feet per hole.

Course designers use trees, bushes, elevation changes, water hazards and distance variation, along with out-of-bounds zones and mandatory flight paths, to make each hole challenging and unique.

The disc golf equipment

Putter disc

Putters are similar to the discs used in simple games of catch, with a basic Frisbee.

They are generally used for the tight, controlled shots that are close to the basket; however some players may use them for short drives where trees or other obstacles come into play.

Mid-range disc

Mid-range discs have a sharper edge that allows them to cut through the air with greater efficiency. These discs are usually much faster, have more stability, and have a longer range than a putter would.

Driver disc

The Drivers characteristic is their sharp beveled edge and has much of their mass concentrated on the outer rim rather than distributed equally throughout.

They are engineered to travel farther at greater speeds and are generally used for to tee off and other long distance throws.