Double 18 Domino Sets

Double 18 Domino Sets

A selection of Double 18 Domino sets

One of the largest sets!

The double 18 domino game set opens up more game possibilities and you will be able to play more of the complicated domino games, Mexican Train and more. This set allows you to accommodate far more players  or large groups of players.

This set contains 190 game pieces.

Did you know this about Dominoes?

Dominoes is often spelled ‘dominos’, not to be confused with the pizza parlor. The spots on the game pieces are known as pips, and the domino may be referred to as bones or tiles among other names.

Dominoes were referenced in China between the 12th and 13th century, they did not appear in the western world until the 1700’s where they started in Italy, from there the game spread throughout Europe.

Modern dominoes are commonly made from a variety of materials like plastic or resin to name a few. Dominoes originally were made from a variety of other materials, including: stone, ivory, bone and other materials.

On rare occasions dominoes have had up to 253 tiles. European domino sets normally include 28 tiles.

No one can document it but it is thought that the game of dominoes got its name from the word ‘domino’, which is a black hood accessory worn by priests.

Domino tiles evolved from the common dice.