Egyptian Themed Chess Sets

Egyptian Themed Chess Sets

Chess sets with an Egyptian theme

Of any modern country Egypt without a doubt has the lengthiest history, coming about in the 10th millennium BC as one of the first nations.

Often when we think of Egypt it brings up visions of the pyramids and the rich history and mystery that surrounds them to this day.

Early development of agriculture, writing, religion and an organized government can be traced back to early Egypt.

The Pyramids 

When Egypt is brought up in conversation our minds almost immediately draw an image of the pyramids, which is understandable because there are so many.

In 2008 there were estimates of between 118 to 138 identified pyramids in Egypt not to mention how many have been consumed by the desert sand in ancient times.

Why were they built? What is or was their purpose? The first obvious answer was they were the resting place the Egypt’s pharaohs.

However there have been some suggestions by many in the scientific community that they performed over functions besides just being a tomb.

Of all the pyramids those found at Giza are the most famous and reside just outside of Cairo and are said to be some of the largest structures ever constructed.