Electronic Chess Board

The Croove (featured above) Electronic Chess and Checkers Set has 8-in-1 Board Games!

So what is so great about an electronic chess board?

Make all the right moves

What started out as a tool to help chess players improve their playing skills with the introduction of the computer it has taken the electronic chess playing to another level.

It is an excellent tool for studying opening moves on the chess board with in some cases immediate feedback.

Imagine having a Grand Master looking over your shoulder saying “I wouldn’t make that move”.

Keep track of your game play

Many of the electronic boards will feature the ability to store or record your games so you can refer back to them and plot your progress.

Think of it as a partner telling you about a move you made in the past and how it may help you improve.

Take your game playing global

There are boards that will allow you to connect to the USB port on your PC which in turn opens up the worldwide web.

It will also have the ability to act as an input device for all major playing programs.

But it doesn’t stop there you can also connect to tournament.