Expensive Chess Sets | Exotic Chess Sets

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 4th May 2021

Expensive Chess Sets

The exotic and expensive chess sets designed for an elite fan.

Fans of the  Robb Report magazine know that if you want to read about, create a wish list or just dream about exotic items it is one of the go to publications.

The pages are filled with classy photos, detailed descriptions of some of the finest luxury items on the planet.

This is where the exotic chess sets would be featured and of course here as well.

What is considered luxury?

The Webster definition of luxury is:

the state of great comfort and extravagant living.

However, luxury can mean different things to different people.

To some people if it cost a lot of money then surely it is luxurious, to another person luxury could be defined as fine craftsmanship or state of the art design.

Ideally the true definition of luxury would be a combination of all those elements, handcrafted artisan design with great attention to detail which would then dictate a hefty price tag.

Defining luxury in a chess set.

When it comes to defining luxury it is like art, it is in the eyes of the beholder. 

Some would argue that the cost of an item determines the level of luxury.

While still others would suggest that luxury doesn’t have a price tag, it is all about quality and integrity of the brand.

Still others may claim that luxury is defined by craftsmanship.

Either way when it comes to certain expensive chess sets all is true as well as the notion that these chess pieces are art.

These luxurious chess pieces are truly pieces of art that would add value to any home décor or office.

Such luxury in chess pieces would be described as...

Solid brass chessmen both sides, one side is plated with silver. The pieces are spun so they look and feel like satin with felted bottoms, naturally heavy in weight. 

The wood in between is maple and walnut. The brass/silver parts have several coats of a finish on top so you will not have to polish the pieces.

That description screams luxury.

Chess features that deviate from the norm.

When these chess sets are designed the finest materials are used, as an example the chess board may be made of alabaster.

The chess pieces may feature 24 karat gold or handcrafted with the finest maple or other hardwoods and brass.

These unique chess sets truly exemplify luxury at its finest, this is definitely a chess set to impress, and is a fine piece of furniture to leave on display.

This is an unforgettable gift that will be appreciated from one generation to the next for many years.

Who are these expensive chess sets for?

These  luxury chess sets are not for everyone but they would certainly appeal to the chess collector that wants the finest for their game room or office.

The beauty of solid chessmen made of quality materials is they are naturally weighted so no additional weights are necessary.

Not all expensive chess sets are created equal nor are their owners. These chess fans demand the finest in their play and in their choices.

Some of the finest chess sets hail from Italy where they are crafted by master artisans, which feature exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.