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Go Board Game

This fascinating game of strategy can be traced back several thousand years in the Orient and is gaining popularity in the West.

Players take turns positioning their stones (game pieces) on the game board (size of the board may vary).

Once a stone is laid on the playing board they can no longer be moved.

However, they can be removed when they are completely surrounded by game pieces of another color (your opponent).

Go is an easy board game to learn but difficult to master

Since the goal is to have more go stones on the go game board than your opponent there is a lot of strategy offensively and defensively.

When you dominate the board and control more game pieces than your opponent at the end of the game (all spaces are filled) you are declared the winner.

The game is easy to learn however will require years to master, if you ever do.


Is Go as complex as the board game chess?

The concept of Go is simpler to grasp however it is far more complex.

The simplicity is that all the game pieces are the same just black and white.

Unlike chess the Go pieces do not mover about the board, there is also a balanced handicap system that allows a beginner to compete with an advanced player.

Sorry chess players that is not going to happen in chess.

Go game and the modern computer software challenge

The board game go has been in the news worldwide because a Go game master champion played a computer, with the computer winning more matches than the champion.

Since each move opens up numerous possibilities the computer can make the necessary calculations it would take for a favorable outcome faster than a human.

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