Jumbo Tile Asian Mahjong Set

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Extra Large Mahjong Tiles

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What makes this mahjong board game set unique?

This Asian version of Mahjong features Jumbo size tile and a black vinyl covered carrying case.

In this set you get 144 durable Polystone resin Jumbo tile that are white with green backs, plus 4 blank tile, for a total of 148.

About Polystone: Polystone has a significant weight, a porcelain like feel to the touch, and an incredible ability to capture the most minute detail, making it unsurpassed in collectible manufacturing materials.

The Jumbo tile have Asian symbols along with regular Arabic numbers in each corner.  

Dice, Better and instruction booklet are included.

What are the dimensions?

Mahjong tile: 1" wide x 1 5/16" high x 11/16" thick. Overall dimensions of this set: 19.5" x 7" x 2".

Who is this mahjong board game for?

This mahjong game set is designed for the player that wants a JUMBO tile rather than the standard size.

How is this game played?

Do you want to learn how to play this wonderful board game or do you want to improve your current game strategy or learn new ones? If so then go to these mahjong training videos.

Some history of the mahjong tile material

Early mahjong tiles were constructed using bone and would more than likely backed with bamboo.

Bone tile are still available but more often the modern mahjong tile set is made of a variety of materials including acrylic, celluloid, poly-resin, Bakelite and even nylon.