Lawn Croquet Set

Lawn Croquet Set

Large Selection Of Lawn Croquet Sets

The croquet court which is usually in a backyard does not have to be perfect; however it is easier to play if your lawn is cut fairly short.

If you are a stickler for details the court is usually one hundred feet long by fifty feet wide, of course you will have to adjust to the yard you are playing in.

The Croquet Stakes And Wickets

Placing the stakes and your wickets is not an exact science however if you want to go by the rules the stakes and wickets are placed in a double diamond pattern.

The distance between your first and second wicket should be no less than three feet. Of course you will have to adjust accordingly depending on the size of your playing area.

Balls Used For Croquet

The balls are generally wood or plastic and colored yellow, blue, black and red, one team (1 or 2 players) play the blue/black and the opposing team plays red/yellow. For more players you will require additional balls.

The Game Mallet

The mallet is usually wood and is truck on the face only unless it has been decided by all at the beginning of play that the sides of the mallet can be used.

Croquet is a great summertime outdoor game that can be enjoyed by all ages and is great for family gatherings!

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