Luxury Chess Pieces

Luxury Chess Pieces

Luxury Chess Pieces

The board game chess has often been referred to as the thinking man’s game (or ladies) because of the strategy involved.

It is an art form to be able to think several steps ahead of your opponent and out think them to the point of surrender or CHECKMATE.

It Is Not Just About Price But Also Look And Feel

After you have played the game long enough you will begin to appreciate the higher quality chess pieces, for their weight, their look and how smoothly they glide across the chess board.

Luxury chess pieces are often hand carved by artisans using exotic woods and other materials.

However they do not have to be expensive to be considered luxury.

Wood is not the only luxurious material used for creating a masterpiece, other materials that are highly regarded are, alabaster, marble, some metals and pewter just to name a few.

The Tournament Players Choice

Often chessmen like the Staunton design are considered the bench mark for the advanced or tournament chess player.

It is often demanded at some levels of play especially when there is a tournament involved.

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so it is with high quality chessmen, not everyone will have the same opinion about any given chess piece, so it is the person investing in them who gets to decide what is considered luxurious.