Luxury Chess Sets

Luxury Civil War Chess Set

Luxurious chess sets 

Deciding what luxury means to you in terms of a chess set.

Ask a hundred people what luxury is and you may get several different answers.

When it comes to luxury chess sets beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder.

One player may enjoy the look and feel of a pewter chess whereas another chess player may find an exotic wood chess set far more luxurious.

Luxury chess does not only mean expensive

When someone uses the term luxury it may mean something completely different to each individual, to one person it may mean something that is very expensive.

However to another person it may mean something that is made of high quality materials and has a luxurious feel without necessarily being real expensive.

When it comes to chess sets luxury may mean chessmen that are made with great attention to detail, hand carved, triple weighted with leather pads and played on an exotic wooden board.

However high end chess sets do not necessarily have to cost a small fortune, they may be defined by the craftsmanship used to create them.


Different chess players will have different preferences

One player may define luxurious as a well-crafted 3D themed game, whereas another fan may describe a high-quality set Staunton chess set, which is preferred by tournament players.

Regardless of your definition art is often in the eyes of the beholder, so select a set that pleases you and do not concern yourself with the price tag.

These chess pieces or sets may also have a high-quality feel as well as stunning looks and often are sought after by chess collectors.

They are truly pieces of art often hand crafted by artisans and appreciated by the players that understand quality. If we were concerned strictly about price when selecting the games for this page we would only choose from items that are $500.00 or more.

But since it is not all about price you will also find sets that are a great value yet can be considered luxurious by you.