Mahjong Game Sets

Huge Selection Of Mahjong Game Sets

Classic board games like Mahjong, Go, backgammon and more are still very popular in spite of the online surge.

With easy access to the Internet, numerous phone apps, and sophisticated tablets gaming has changed.

We are easily exposed to a variety of games that we might not have ever played, or even hear about!

Mahjong Game Sets Versus Online Play

Playing this fascinating game online can be fun; however investing in a game set will allow you to interact with friends and loved ones in your home setting or a club.

There will still be plenty options via phone apps and more to practice your skill online if you choose. But an evening with friends and family can’t be found on an app.

Mahjong Tournament Play

If you a beginner or if you are already a skilled player you can put your skills to the test by playing against others in a variety of tournaments that are held throughout the year all over the world.

Not only would it be exciting and give you the opportunity to meet other players you will also have a chance at a cash prize!

The Variety of Mahjong Board Games

No two Mahjong game sets are created equal there are different versions that include a Western or American and also a variety of Oriental versions.

Go to this page for a look at 24 versions of the Mahjong board game.

The type you invest in is a personal choice, the games are very similar with some subtle changes that may involve the number of tiles and some rule variations.

Offered below is a wide variety of Mahjong game sets that are themed, American or Western and several other options.

If you only need the tiles be sure to check out our Mahjong Tile Sets page.

American Mahjong – How is it different?

There is one thing that is the same regardless which version of Mahjong you are playing and that is the game is played with four players seated around a table.

What makes American Mahjong different from other versions is that it is played utilizing racks, jokers; "Hands and Rules" score cards and has other game nuances.

You can use an American mahjong set to play Chinese Mahjong.

Mahjong is an ancient board game

The board game Mahjong has been around for many generations in the East and has provided countless hours of fun, skill, and a variety of different strategies.

While maintaining popularity in the Eastern world for ages, the game is gaining more and more popularity in the Western world.

The name was supposedly originated by Confucius and his love for birds. It has been stated that the Mahjong tile make the sound of sparrows.

So how does an automatic Mahjong game table work?

The table system uses powerful magnets which control how the tile will react, the tile also contain magnets that face the same pole as the magnets in the table.

This will automatically cause the magnets to repel thereby landing the tile where the numbers are not seen.

The magnets in the tile also aid in loading the tile onto each wall and counting so they are evenly distributed.

Mahjong The Tile Game

Mahjong is an ancient tile game that originated in China. Its addictiveness and attraction by players is evident by the various attempts to ban Mahjong in its country of origin.

Depending on your region, the number of game tiles can vary from 136 to 144 tiles. The Mahjong tiles are divided into honor tiles, flower tiles, suited tiles, and joker tiles.

This tile game has a rich history; every single tile that is included with a set has its own mythology and meaning.

Mahjong Tile