Mahjong Tile Sets

Mahjong tile game sets

The number of tile in any given set can vary in numbers depending where the game originated, usually there is never less than 136, however there can be up to 166 tiles in a set.

They may also be referred to as playing cards in some areas, the type and style of play varies from one country to another.

Materials used for Mahjong tile sets.

The material used for the tile can be plastic, bone with bamboo backing with pressed characters in each tile representing a variety of symbols important to the game.

Expert players do not even need to see the tile but rather with just feeling can tell you the face value.

Mahjong tile size.

Size of the tile may very however there has been somewhat of a standard that usually falls  in this size category:

Size 8 ~ 39 × 30 × 23 mm

Size 7.5 ~ 38 × 28 × 22 mm

Size 7 ~ 36 × 26 × 21 mm

Size 6 ~ 34 × 25 × 19 mm

Understanding the Mahjong game tile.

If you want to learn how to play the board game Mahjong, you must first be able to identify and understand the different mahjong tiles in each set. 

Each Mahjong tile set features 3 ‘simple’ suits (stones, characters, and bamboos), 2 ‘honor’ suits (winds and dragons), and 1 optional suit (flowers).

Browse this page to learn more about the  mahjong tile meanings. This study guide will help to understand and identify the various tile game pieces.

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History of the mahjong tile material - Early mahjong tiles were constructed using bone and would more than likely backed with bamboo.

Bone tile are still available but more often the modern mahjong tile set is made of a variety of materials including acrylic, celluloid, Bakelite and even nylon.