Marble - Alabaster Chess Sets

Marble & Alabaster Chess Sets

Stone chess sets featuring marble or alabaster

What is Alabaster Or Marble?

Alabaster is defined as a fine-grained, translucent form of gypsum, usually white, favorable for carving into ornaments or in this case chess pieces.

The alabaster chess set

Alabaster dates back to ancient times.

In Rome they made ornamental objects and in India open work bas-reliefs (a sculpture, carving).

Between the 6th & 13th centuries monasteries in the Mediterranean used slabs of alabaster as windowpanes because it was translucence.

The marble chess set

Marble is defined as a crystalline metamorphic form of limestone, usually white but may feature streaks of color, often featured in sculpture and architecture, in this case chessmen.

Since classical times white marble was considered ideal for sculptures because it was soft and much easier to carve that some other stone.

Because of the unique properties of marble light is allowed to penetrate further before being scattered which brings the stone to live.

These materials make an awesome chess set, featuring amazing feel and stunning looks, a great addition to any office décor or game room. 

No two chess pieces are alike

Since the alabaster or marble chess pieces are not carved by machines but rather by craftsmen or craftswomen no two chessmen sets are exactly alike.  

Not only are these chess sets amazing to play they also look fantastic and are worthy of being called pieces of art.