Medieval Times Themed Chess Set

Medieval Times Themed Chess Set

Medieval era themed chess sets

Medieval times was the period from the 5th to the 15th century which was marked by the fall of the Western Roman Empire, which then brought forth the Renaissance era and the age of discovery.

There were three time periods that were described as the Early Middle Ages when new societies were being formed.

The High Middle Ages which was expanding populations.

The Late Middle Ages which was marked with wars, famine, and the plague.

There was huge population decline, invasions and movement of people which continued into the Middle Ages.

The large vast of migrating people formed new kingdoms in what was the remaining Western Roman Empire.

The modern day perception of the medieval period is often referred to as the time of great superstitions and ignorance.  

A common misconception was this is the period when people still believed the earth was flat, however that is not true because there were scholars at the time arguing that indeed the earth was a sphere.

The Renaissance scholars perceived the Middle Ages as a era of decline from the high culture and the civilized world; on the other hand enlightenment scholars saw reason as superior to faith, and therefore viewed the Middle Ages as a time of ignorance and superstition.

Famous People From Medieval Times

Robin Hood, was not a real person but rather a fictional character that may or may not have been based on a real person of the time. There certainly have been enough movies made about his famous idea of robbing the rich and giving it to the poor, a romantic notion.

William Tell, who was a famous figure from Switzerland, however we know him from the legend that he shot an apple that was on the head of his son.

William Wallace, also referred to as Braveheart made famous by Mel Gibson in the movie with the same name. Wallace led a Scottish rebellion against King Edward I of England and is a national hero.

Marco Polo, no not made famous for swimming in a pool and jumping up and down but rather was an Medieval era explorer who traveled to China and other countries. He was an inspiration for many other explorers including Christopher Columbus.