Military Themed Chess Sets

Military Themed Chess Sets

Chess sets with a military theme

Military Themed Chess Sets Of Wars & Battles

These chess sets will take you back in history to a time when there were hard fought conflicts, some on America soil but also classic battles and wars that took place on the world stage.

The American Civil War

This chess set will take you back to the time when the North (blue) and the South (grey) were waging battles on American soil.

World War 2 Themed Chess

Nazi Germany was determined to dominant Europe and even the world but the Allied Forces had other ideas. In the history of this world no other war was so widespread that involved over 100 million individuals from more than 30 different countries.

Not only was there great sacrifice by the service men and women but also the civilians that gave up many common resources to support the war effort.

The Revolutionary War

Also referred to as the American War of Independence and the Revolutionary War in the United States, was the armed conflict between the 13 American colonies (who referred to themselves as the United States of America) and Great Britain.

Not only are there war themed chess sets but also classic battles that took place over the course of our world history.

Select your favorite and go back in time!