Natural Boxwood Chess Set

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Natural Boxwood Chess Set 

What makes this chess set unique?

Sheesham and Natural Boxwood Ananda chess set featuring beveled base chessmen that are double weighted 2.5oz King.

Beechwood Inlaid chest board features dividers under the board for storing chess pieces.

What are the dimensions?

Chess Board Dimensions: 18” x 18” x 3”. Board Square Size: 2”. Chess King Size: 3.75”.  King Base Width: 1.75”.

What the heck is the king base width? It is the diameter of the base of the king (the bottom of the king piece). This measurement is important when selecting the right chess board square size for the chess pieces that will be playing on it.

What are some of the unique selling features of this product?

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The chess set wood explained:

Boxwood defined: Boxwood has a fine, even texture with a natural luster. The grain tends to be straight or slightly irregular.

Sheesham wood defined: Sheesham known as Indian rose wood tree. This wood is hard, durable and long lasting.