Outdoor Trampoline With An Enclosure

Outdoor Trampoline With An Enclosure

Outdoor Trampolines For Fun & Exercise!

Having a trampoline in the backyard can entertain your children for hours, however if you invest in a outdoor trampoline with an enclosure you will also have peace of mind that someone is not going to be launched into something nearby that can cause serious injury.

An enclosure allows the person using the trampoline a safety net of sorts, they do not have to worry about falling off the edge, it is also a great tool for someone using the trampoline for the first time, it will give them confidence knowing that nothing serious will happen.

There are several different sizes you can choose from as well as other accessories such as a basketball hoop, a ladder or a padded rail. Of course the more accessories the longer it will take before boredom sets in!

Depending on the climate you live in it might be a good idea to invest in a cover if you are going to be leaving it set up during the winter months.

Regardless of which options you select as long as the trampoline is durable and has received excellent reviews like the models featured below you are sure to enjoy many hours of play as well as getting in some exercise.


Is The Trampoline A Good Form Of Exercise?


The answer is yes, according to WebMD you can burn as many as 160 calories in 30 minutes jumping on your trampoline and you will enjoy it at the same time. A good schedule would be approximately 3 times a week and using 3 – 4 different moves.

One of the main benefits of jumping up and down is the motion helps our lymph system by coating our cells and removing waste materials away. Our heart pumps blood on its own without our help, however our lymph system needs some type of physical movement for a healthy body.