Renaissance Themed Chess Sets

Renaissance Themed Chess Sets

Themed chess sets from the Renaissance era

The Renaissance era was a period in Europe from the 14th to the 17th century and was said to have bridged the Middle Ages to modern history.

Starting in Italy in the late Medieval period it spread throughout Europe which was the start of the early modern age.

It was considered a cultural movement that had an enormous impact on Europe’s intellectual community at the start of the early modern period.

This influence impacted the arts, music, the political scene, literature, philosophy, religion and of course science.

The method of study used by scholar from this era was humanism (study of classical antiquity) and sought out human emotion and realism in art.

During this period art and money were closely associated, the artists were dependent on the patrons and the patrons required money to pursue artistic talent.

The majority of wealth in this time period was made from expanding trade with Europe and Asia.

The one dark cloud from this era was the bubonic plague which was spread by fleas on sailing vessels that ended up killing millions.