Roman Themed Chess Set | 3D Pewter

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What makes this themed chess set unique?

3D Roman Gladiator Themed Pewter Chess Set

This awesome 3D Roman Gladiator Themed Pewter Chess Set is all about attention to detail that includes heavy, historically accurate chessmen, and a one-of-a-kind chess board.

Each chess piece is crafted from solid pewter, and they are so life like, you'll feel yourself in the Coliseum with them! The set is topped off with a 3D Chess board.

What are the dimensions?

Chess Board Dimensions: 15.0" x 15.0" x 9.0".  Chess King Size: 2.75”.   

What the heck is the king base width? It is the diameter of the base of the king (the bottom of the king piece). This measurement is important when selecting the right chess board square size for the chess pieces that will be playing on it.

What are some of the unique selling features of this product?

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Who Were The Roman Gladiators?

A Roman armed combatant who entertained audiences in the coliseum was referred to as a Gladiator. These combatants would engage in violent combat with violent criminals, wild animals and at times other gladiators.

Some would actually volunteer and risk their lives, they social standing and legal status to appear and fight in the arena. Their lives were harsh to say the least often considered slave and social outcast.