Russian Chess Sets

A variety of Russian Chess sets

One of the unique features of a Russian chess set is the chess pieces have opposite tops (see the image at the right).

These sets are offered as weighted chessmen with ebony inlaid wood, with particular attention to detail or many other wood combinations or designs.

Russian Has A Rich Chess History

Chess has been popular in Russia for a very long time; it was thought that Czar Ivan IV died while playing a match in 1584.

When the Bolsheviks took control power in 1917, it became a national pastime.

After the revolution, Vladimir Lenin’s commander of the Soviet army, Nikolay Krylenko, brought the idea state sponsored chess.

It was his idea to open chess schools, host chess tournaments, and promote chess as a vehicle for international dominance.

The first state-sponsored chess tournament was held in Moscow in 1921.

Get a Russian chess set for your collection and be part of the rich chess history!