Shuffleboard Tables


Shuffleboard game play

Table shuffleboard looks pretty easy to play at first glance however; there is a lot of skill involved.

You push the puck with enough force to end up in the scoring area and not fall off the side of the board into the alley.

Simple enough right?

Not so fast, like a bowling alley lane the shuffleboard table is very smooth and slick making it a real challenge to position your puck just right.

Normally found in your local neighborhood pub now you can enjoy one of these tables in your own game room.

There are different variations of shuffleboard

While there are some official rules of game play agreed upon by shuffleboard organizations, players should be aware that it can be a very informal and a spontaneous game.

Depending where you are playing shuffleboard regional variations and different house rules may apply.

There are some differences by country, as well

As an example in Canada, the game is played under rules approved by the Canadian Shuffleboard Congress, serious stuff.

Except in certain tournaments, in one-on-one play, games are played to 15.

Two-person teams compete until one team reaches 21 points. In both cases, a frame consists of four stones (pucks) per player.