Staunton Chess Sets

The ever popular Staunton Chess sets

Staunton chess sets is the standard for chess tournaments around the world which was designed by Nathaniel Cook in 1849 and was named after Howard Staunton.

With the increase of popularity for chess brought the demand for a universal model to be used in competition.

Rather than the variety of sets at the time that had various shapes and sizes, sometimes distracting from game play and perhaps altering the outcome of a match.

In the 19th century it was becoming clear that there was a need for a set that would be universally recognized and appreciated by players from all over the world and the Staunton design was the perfect solution.

The design remains popular to this day because of the well balanced feel and the recognition by world class players and hobbyist of this amazing board game. However the design is not only for competition it is also the preferred set by chess clubs and collectors.   

There are no rules when it comes to deciding which type you will enjoy and there are a lot to choose from, but when it comes to competition the rules are clear the chess board must have 2 ¼” squares and the King has to be between 3 ¾” and 4 ¼” tall.