30 Reasons To Play Board Games

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 30th Jan 2019

30 Reasons To Play Board Games

Benefits of playing board games

Fun with the family create a family game night ritual – This can lead to tournament play and more!

Improve problem solving skills – There are numerous games that require some type of problem solving skills or strategic thinking.

Fights boredom rather than be bored, play on a board – Can’t think of anything to do?

Gives you something to do with your relatives – The cousins are coming over and we need an activity, okay board games!

In some cases helps with math skills – There are several games that require some type of math.

Increases your decision making skills – Oh boy after the roll of the dice it is decision time!

Helps with the body

Helps with memory – There was something to say here but can’t remember!

Reduce stress levels, lowers blood pressure and increases laughing – The right board game can provide for a good belly laugh.

Provides an atmosphere for bonding – Finding distance has grown between a family member? Get involved in a game.

Board games may help you increase self worth or build confidence – Winning a few rounds of a game is a sure way to pump up your confidence.

Helps with sportsmanship and understanding the concept of winning or losing – You win some, you lose some, and you need to learn how to cope.

Teaches the concept of waiting your turn – A trip around the board game will teach some patience and waiting for a turn.

Depending on the game it can increase teamwork skills – There are a plethora of games that may require forming teams.

Board games teaches the idea of action and its consequences – You make that move and the outcome can change the course of the game.

Board games are diverse and good for any age group – Get junior and the grandparents together!

They do not require batteries so you can play anywhere – No batteries required, you can take the game outside or on a road trip!

Great way for the elderly to keep their minds sharp – Your grandparents or parents need to keep their minds active as well as bodies.

Creates a competitive spirit without thinking it is a blood sport – These games do not need to be a winner take all, do or die scenario.

It is far cheaper than a night out on the town – Dinner and movie? Ouch break out the wallet, a game night? Cheaper!

Nurtures the spirit

Great ice breaker for getting to know someone new – Meet somebody new and need a way to start the conversation?

Increases the ability to think ahead and make the tough decisions – Every game requires some type of decision making, which will require planning ahead.

Teaches you the ability to think on your feet and adapt to changes – Your opponent is about ready to wipe you off the board, do you have a backup plan?

In some cases may help with your career when it comes to learning skills – Not all games are for laughs there are some that can actually teach life skills.

Can provide a distraction from something negative in your life – Life got you down? Need something positive and fun to think about?

Challenges the mind

Improves the creative side of your brain – There are many games that are going to tap into the creative side of your personality.

An excellent way to keep children off the computer or cell phone screen – This requires no more elaborating.

The perfect way to keep children or teenagers out of trouble – If they are around the table playing you know where they are!

May challenge the mind to think of new games to play - Therefore expanding the thinking mind instead of being in a rut with the same old thing.

Gives you a different perceptive of life – It is all fun and games until someone loses an eye! Hear that before?

Teaches children to read and follow instructions – Did you read the instructions? That is going to come up later in life for a child.