30 Reasons To Play Board Games

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 30th Jan 2019

Benefits of playing board games Fun with the family create a family game night ritual – This can lead to tournament play and more! Improve problem solving skills – There are numerous … read more

Online Go Game | Go Game Sets

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 10th Jan 2019

Are online Go games better than a Go game set? If you are a fan of the fascinating board game Go you have several different ways to enjoy this amazing board game. You can own a physical Go … read more

Learn To Play Better Chess From AlphaZero

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 7th Mar 2018

It has been documented that YouTube chess masters are impressed with AlphaZero computer program. Alphazero goes beyond just the super-defensive play of regular computer program software.& … read more

Classic Board Games – Chinese Checkers

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 2nd Jan 2018

Chinese CheckersAn interesting fact about the classic board game Chinese checkers, it was not created or started in China or by the Chinese for that matter (who would have thought).  The name wa … read more