Best Board Games For The Family

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 17th Mar 2021

Best Board Games For The Family

Board games that make family game night fun

When you are deciding on a board game for game night there has to be some sort of criteria you can use as guidelines.

Let us look at some ideas:

The fun factor!

We want to decide on a board game not a “bored” game!

If it does not get everyone excited at the mention of playing the game then maybe it is time to look at another game instead.

What skill level is required?

If the game you decide on requires rocket science level thinking or a masters degree in critical thinking then it might be a good idea to dumb it down a bit with the focus on fun and less on brain matter.

Usually the skill level will be in direct proportion to the age level that is recommended by the board game maker.

“Sure Billy you can play as soon as you finish college!”

How many can play the game at once?

You can hardly call it family game night if there are five or more in the family and the game in question is played by four players.

Not good!

You are going to have people sitting on the sidelines disgruntled and then it is no longer family game night fun.

Is there an age limit to the board game?

This may be important because I remember several times when our cousins barely out of diapers would come up to the table and say “ I want to play.”

This can create a problem if the game is too complicated for the young minds to wrap their brain around it, plus they get bored really fast!

How long on average will it take to complete the game?

Growing up we had board games that could go on for days, that is great if you don’t have to work for a living or care for an entire family.

Ideally a good option for a family board game would be one where you can complete a single round in a matter of hours or less.

In fact if you could complete several rounds in an evening that would be even better!

Can you walk away from the game for short breaks?

This is important because game night will also involve some serious snack time and with that the evitable potty breaks.

So it would be ideal if the board game selected would allow taking mini breaks without having to station a board game policeman to guard over the board.

Okay with the criteria set time to select some games.

Here are 8 board games that were selected based on popular review by families that actually played the game and left a comment regarding their experience.

Drum roll please…

Catan: (565) 4.5 Stars

Exploding Kittens: (365) 4.5 Stars

Sequence: (389) 5 Stars

Monoply: (5453) 4.5 Stars (wow)

Pandemic: (280) 5 Stars

Cluedo: (1650) 4.5 Stars

Cranium: (183) 4.5 Stars

Ticket To Ride: (1020) 5 Stars

If you spot one of your favorites from the list then maybe that would be a place to start, however what would be even more exciting is to select a game no one has played yet.

As always wear appropriate OSHA approved safety gear and remember it is not a blood sport so keep it safe and sane!

If you want to browse these  good family board games.

If you want one from the above list and it is not on the page just put the game name in the search box below the images and you will be taken to it instantly!