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Posted by Steven Barnhart on 29th Jul 2019

Go Game Set

Board Games That Involve Intense Strategy!

There are a host of different board games that involve strategy to some degree however, the board games chess and Go are some of the most intense. 

The Go Game

Go is a board game that involves each player trying to surround an opposing player’s go stones on a board laid out in a grid. 

The game play is often referred to as battle because of the gain or loss of territories.

The one principle rule of Go is there must be an open point (intersection) next to a stone called a liberty.

If a liberty becomes encircled it is referred to as an eye, if a group of stones contains two separate eyes it is referred to as unconditionally alive. 

These groups cannot be captured even if they are surrounded.

Go game strategy.

A common strategy of Go is to expand your territory and attack your opponent’s weak groups all the while being mindful of any vulnerabilities of your own groups.

The liberties of your groups are countable and situations where two opposing groups must capture the other to live are referred to as capturing races.

In a capturing race, the group with the most liberties will more than likely be able to capture the opponent's stones. This is life and death struggle that makes Go challenging.

The game is over when both of the players pass because there are no more profitable moves that can be made.

At this time the game is scored by counting points, the player with the most number of controlled points which factors captured stones and komi is declared the winner.

The board game Go & Artificial Intelligence.

The subject of AI and Go is massive and covers a lot of ground especially in recent years to learn more about Go & AI go to this page.

Board Game Chess

The Chess Game

The chess board consists of 64 squares, 32 are your color and the other 32 are your opponents color.

You have 16 chess pieces on the board and across from you your opponent has 16 as well, this is a battle to checkmate.

Chess is a board game that like a battle can be over in a heartbeat or go on for hours depending on the skill set of the chess players involved. 

It has been played by commoners and nobles in the park.

This amazing board game has stood the test of time and is showing no signs of loosing fan base. 

There is no age limit; chess is a game that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Chess the strategy of the opening moves and more.

There are numerous opening moves, numerous strategies and everyone has their favorite, but none guarantee victory if you are facing a worthy opponent.

The chess skills that you want to improve (or at least try) are the opening moves, the middle game and the end game.

The chess sets themselves can be a work of art and can fit handsomely in a home office, game room or study. 

There are numerous chess themes, styles and different materials that the chess piece and boards are constructed from.

The board game Chess & Artificial Intelligence.

Like mentioned above about Go, AI and chess has made huge strides because of computer programming and once again is a massive subject. To learn how AlphaZero can improve your chess skills go to this page.

Which board game is better? 

Oh that would take another post and a lot of time, as it is with art beauty is in the eye of the beholder.