Online Go Game | Go Game Sets

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 10th Jan 2019

Online Go Game | Go Game Set

Are online Go games better than a Go game set?

If you are a fan of the fascinating board game Go you have several different ways to enjoy this amazing board game.

You can own a physical Go game set with several different options in terms of board size and material, the Go stones which can be either plastic or glass.

You can also get a magnetic game set that is ideal for traveling on a plane or taking on the road when you go on your next road trip.

Advantages of online Go

Playing Go online is much like playing other games online like chess, mahjong, backgammon, cribbage and other games.

In most cases you would be playing against a computer or an online presence of other Go players that could be anywhere in the world.

When you play against a computer it is an ideal way to increase your skills quickly because you will be able to understand how any given move has a positive or negative impact.

Increasing board game skills with the computer

If you own a computer not only can you play an online version but also be able to visit Go websites that will feature tutorials on how to increase your game skills.

This is an ideal situation because you can study the game at your pace without having to worry about your skill set or having an impatient player across the table from you.

Advantages of Go game sets

Playing this amazing game with another player is an ideal scenario for the Go fan that likes the interaction of another player.

Not only are you enjoying this board game of strategy but you are also doing it with someone else that enjoys the game as well.

Whether it is one on one game play or a round robin of several different players taking turns the camaraderie can’t be matched by an online version.

If you want your own game set browse these Go Game Sets.

Mix and match both forms of play

Regardless which way you prefer to play Go whether online or with a physical game set chances are you are going to enjoy the experience.

Ideally the perfect scenario as a Go fan is to take advantage of both forms of play.

Engaging with a fan across the table, using an online server or increasing your game skills by playing a computer.

The Go game online server

New to the game and need some guidance?

Then it is a great online Go server for the beginner, learn to play the game and get some easy to follow tutorials for increasing your game skill.