Giant Chess Set | Chess Pieces For Playing Outdoors

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 24th Apr 2019

Giant Chess Sets

The ideal chess set for the patio or backyard

Visualize a typical backyard ready for summer activity, you have the covered patio area with a comfortable hammock that is sure going to cause some turf wars.

Or maybe a garden area that has a beautiful green lawn in the center just waiting for family fun to begin.

Perhaps there is a pool area with a lush green lawn surrounding it and on the lawn there is a huge plastic chess mat with 2 foot chess pieces.

Wait… say what? Giant chess sets? Who ever heard of such a thing?

Well it is reality and this summer you can play chess outdoors and not worry about inclement weather because these lawn chess sets are built to withstand the elements.

Outdoor games in the backyard during the summer months

Many families will be playing a host of different outdoor games this year including but not limited to, bocce ball, badminton, croquet, ladder golf and a plethora of other activities.

This is especially true with the different events that lead up to summer, like a wedding, high school graduations, birthdays and a number of other events that can take place during summer.

Since the weather is far better than in the winter a lot of these activities will be held outside in the backyard or in a park setting.

This can now include chess if you are a fan of the awesome board game, not only will it be fun be imagine having a chess set on the patio next to the pool.

Chess game getting too heated? No problem just jump into the pool to cool off!

Everyone in the neighborhood will want in on the fun

Your backyard chess set will be the envy of the neighborhood, especially for all the chess fans, it would be the perfect opportunity to have a chess tournament over any given weekend.

You can create chess teams and have an ultimate prize for the winning team.

Durable to withstand the summer weather rain or shine

Since these giant chess pieces are made of durable plastic and the chess mat is durable vinyl or plastic if your game is suddenly interrupted by a rain storm no worries your chess set will not be damaged.

Once the rain is over you can pick up right where you left off!

A flat surface is all you need

There are two chess mat options, one is a vinyl mat that you spread out and start playing, the other option is interlocking plastic tiles.

The interlocking plastic tiles will be a little more forgiving if you are placing your set on the lawn; the vinyl mat will tend to be lumpy and could be a challenge to balance the chess pieces.

Both systems will work excellent on any flat surface whether it is indoors or outdoors.