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Posted by Steven Barnhart on 1st Oct 2019

Unique Chess Sets

What is considered a unique chess set?

One of the definitions in the Webster dictionary for the word unique is distinctively characteristic .

In the case of some unique chess sets this is certainly the case, so we will look at some of the chess sets and chessmen that are different from others.

There are a plethora of different types of chess sets made from wood, stone, plastic, metal and a host of other materials.

However, for it to be considered unique the set much feature something truly different.

The difference may not be the set itself but rather the board it is played on, there are multi-level boards, chess boards that can be hung on the wall, 3D chess boards and many more.

The variety of 3D chess sets

These chess sets usually will also be featured in the themed chess set category because they are often representing a period of time in history or a memorable event that take place in our past.

But they may also be unique by having a 3 dimensional board or other distinct features like multi-level glass or mirrored surfaces.

An example of this is a 3D Knight Pewter Chess Set that features a multi-level chessboard.

Unique Chess Set AI

The unique chess set that features Artificial Intelligence

These AI chess sets feature automated movements, making them one of the smartest chess computers available.

These AI chess boards use advanced robotics and sensors to automatically move the chess pieces with pinpoint accuracy.

Use the designated mobile app and analyze your game play with a single click.

You can play chess against the board itself or against anyone in the world. Play against your favorite opponent or challenge the millions of chess players who are online and watch your opponents pieces move by themselves.

With these unique chess sets you can improve your game play, analyze your chess moves, watch historical matches and play against the AI.

You can also use an app on your phone to play the game, a modern twist on a board game that has been around for 15 centuries.

Even though it is an AI chess set you will still have the feel of hand crafted chessmen depending on the chess system you select.

The best of both worlds, advance play and the old world feel of a wooden chess piece.

The outdoors giant chess sets

Now here is something that is completely different, a huge chess set that can be played outdoors on your lawn, the patio area or poolside.

Often these lawn chess sets are played on a vinyl chess mat so that in the event there is sudden rain the playing surface will not be damaged and will live on to play another day.

The chess pieces may be as high as two feet, imagine how majestic this set would look on your patio when it is game time, but outdoors.

The themed chess sets

The themed chess sets may not be considered unique because there are so many different types, however, the uniqueness may be the type of theme.

An example of that may be The Isle Of Lewis The Largest Isle Of The Western Isles.

The Isle of Lewis is rich in history and culture, dating back 1000’s of years. Ancient stone circles can be found on the same land as modern Stornoway, the main town of Isle Of Lewis.

English is spoken but also Gaelic, Eagles live alongside Otters and people.

During the summer months you can spot the local population cutting the peat and in the winter you will get a whiff of the distinctive peat fires.

Of course there are countless chess sets that are designed to recreate a famous battle or war, a special time in our world history or a famous figure.

But what about the chess set that has an Alice In Wonderland theme or Robin Hood? That may certainly be considered a unique set.

Unique Chess Sets

The chess set that is also a fashion statement

Then there are the chess sets that could be considered works of art, sets that could add value to any office décor or game room.

One of those sets would be an Art Deco chess set, a stunning display of chessmen featuring a stunning chess board.

There are also the alabaster stone chess sets that are absolutely stunning to look at and just as much fun to play, including sets that feature chess piece storage.

The handcrafted or hand painted chess sets

The skilled artisans that handcraft these chess sets would surely argue that these chess sets be considered unique because no two sets are exactly the same.

Not to mention the attention to detail that goes into some of the chessmen that are hand carved by skilled artisans using exotic wood from various parts of the world.

The hand carved chess pieces would then be placed on a beautiful wood or metal chess board that would match the quality of the chessmen on it.

The bottom line for unique chess sets

We have looked at a sampling of different chess sets that could be considered unique however, this barely scratches the surface, there are countless chess sets made from a host of different materials that are truly unique and one of a kind.

Regardless how fancy or off the charts a chess set may be there is one thing that will remain a constant and that is how the game is played.

The rules or strategy doesn’t change on a unique chess set you still have to outwit your opponent and proclaim the word we all what to say when playing this amazing board game checkmate.

The final note & a video

We can't finish off this unique chess set journey without mentioning the do it your self chess pieces. If you have some mad DIY skills like Shaun in the video featured below you can make some of your own one of a kind chess pieces.

Watch the video below to get some inspiration, copy the process step by step or take the idea to creative your own masterpieces.