Theme Chess Sets

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Chess sets that offer a theme add a sense of adventure to your home, office or game room.

They will distinguish your space and lend some insight into your personality and unique interests.

In addition, most themed sets are beautiful to look at and often feature hand-craftsmanship and exceptional detail.

Royalty & Medieval Times Theme:

There are chess sets with a theme that take on a royal air and take us back in time to the Crusades or other periods of history.

There are a variety to say the least and some feature facades of actual historical figures as their King and Queen, such as Henry VIII or Cleopatra.

Some sets are whimsical in while others reflect a sense of regal.

One such chess set is the Camelot themed chess set which takes the player back in time with King Arthur.

Military Theme Chess Sets:

There are themes that reflect our military history throughout the world.

These cover eras of time, such as the American Revolution, the Civil War (a very popular era), the Romans, the Revolutionary War, and many more.

The Craftsmanship:

The amount of hand-craftsmanship that goes into the details of each piece coupled with the materials used will often determine the price.

These can certainly become a family heirloom and passed from generation to generation.