Themed Chess Pieces

Camelot Themed Chess Pieces

Themed Chess Pieces

In most cases the chessmen make a chess set, especially if it is a themed set, these pieces are going to command attention.

Often the chessmen are hand crafted with great attention to detail, then hand painted to give them a pop of color.

Then they are matched with a chess board that completes the set and complements the chessmen.

Designed with the chess player in mind

Themed chess pieces are ideal for the chess player that wants to fulfill a fantasy by using the themed chessmen of their choice.

There are a lot of choices to choose from including but not limited to the military themed chess pieces, the medieval times, the sports themes like golf, Roman themed and even specialty themes like angels and many more.

These chessmen also make a great addition for the collector’s game room or office décor.

So browse this page of chess pieces and find a set that will work for your fantasy and start playing today!