Top Selling Chess Sets

Best Selling Chess Sets

The best way to gain some insight into the best of something is to look at the top selling items of any given category.

It doesn’t mean that it is the best of the best but rather how many purchased it and enjoyed it, the more people that make the purchase then more than likely it is worth the investment.

Remember tops selling chess sets doesn’t necessarily mean the best chess set, it just means that it has appealed to a lot of people and there could be a variety of reasons why.

Often the deciding factor is value, the most bang for the buck if you will.

Presented below are the top selling chess sets on Amazon the largest retailer in the world based on customer reviews.


What Factors Make Up A Top Selling Chess Set?

There are a plethora of reasons why someone may choose one chess set over another. Let's take a look at the top sellers shown above:

The Price If a chess set is on sale or has a low price, that may not be the only reason a chess player will choose it.

The Weight Of The Chessmen Chess players enjoy the feel of a weighted chess piece as it slides across the chessboard.

The Material Another deciding factor when choosing a chess set is the material used to make the chessmen or the chessboard.

An example of that would be a wooden or metal chess set.

The Theme Themed chess sets are very popular with chess player that enjoy recreating a particular fantasy or historical era.

The Various Features One feature a chess set may have that would be popular is it features a magnetic board and chessmen.