Wood 29 Cribbage Set

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3-Player solid wood "29" Cribbage set with card storage, comes with metal pegs and a cribbage rules booklet. Cribbage players everywhere like this one!

Measures 9.25” x 7” x 1”.

Interesting history:  During World War II, Cribbage became a traditional game for American submariners to play while passing the time on patrol for Japanese ships. In 1943, the famous sub U.S.S. Wahoo was beginning a dangerous patrol 10 miles north of Shantung Promontory in the Yellow Sea. Waiting for action, the legendary captain "Mush" Morton played Cribbage with executive officer Richard H. O’Kane. He dealt him a "Perfect 29" hand! The superstitious crew felt the 29 was a strong omen of good fortune for the patrol, and indeed it was. After the hand, the lucky cards were signed by witnesses and saved for posterity.