Wood Chess Sets

A large variety of wooden chess sets

Boxwood Chess Sets

Boxwood is commonly used because it is easy to work with and has excellent carving characteristics and is most often used for the white chess pieces.

However since it stains real well other wooden chess pieces may have a different wood look but will actually be stained boxwood.

Indian Rosewood Or Sheesham Chess sets

This wood is from the deciduous tree native to the Indian sub-continent, it usually grows around the rivers.  

The color can vary depending on the species; it is known for its excellent polishing and finishing characteristics and is very tough to carve, so any detail in the chessmen is due to skilled craftsmen that did the carving.

Ebony Chess Sets

The most often used heartwood of this tree is deep and slightly grained black, the grain can be irregular and usually it is straight. Like rosewood it is hard making it difficult to carve so a tip of the hat to the skilled craftsmen that do an excellent job.

Walnut Chess Sets

Common wood used for chess boards, this heartwood may vary in color but it is usually features a grayish-brown background with irregular dark streaks. It has excellent staining and polishing characteristics.

Regardless what wood is used to design the chessmen or chess boards the bottom line if it is appealing to your taste then it is the right set for you.

The popularity of the wood chess sets

When it comes to the selection of wood chess sets you may be looking for a while because there are a lot of them.

However, for most chess fans looking at chess sets is a good thing!

The wood sets are by far the most popular probably because there is so much variety and different types of wood that can be used.

There are the most common as listed above but that barely scratches the surface there is a plethora of wood materials that can be used.

It is just a question of whether they would be affordable.